übersetzen – vertimas | piece for dancer, sound and projection

Greta Grinevičiūtė - dance

For the JAUNA MUZIKA[1] 2012 Festival in Vilnius – Lithuania, I’m preparing the piece Übersetzen – vertimas for dancer, sound and projection.

Sunday, April 15th, 2012 – 16.00
LMTA Chamber Hall, Building 2 – Tilto str. 16, Vilnius

Greta Grinevičiūtė – dance
Aira Naginevičiūtė – choreography
Matthias Kronlachner – technology, sound

For this piece I use a Kinect camera and custom made computer software to get a realtime skeleton model of the dancers body. The movements of the dancer is used to create and alter sounds.
This technology transforms the body of the dancer into a musical instrument and her movements are like striking a hyperinstrument with a bow.

Projection technology developed in collaboration with Marian Weger.

concert program

Mykolas NATALEVIČIUS. Filtered String
Julius AGLINSKAS. The 38th Parallel North
Vytautas PAUKŠTELIS. Juoda – violetinė
Božena BUINICKA. Totem
Gediminas VENGELIS. Accolade Grand Prix
Can KAZAZ. Myrtus
Akvilė KALINAITĖ. Sūpuoklės
Matthias KRONLACHNER. übersetzen-vertimas
jauna-muzika flyer

  1. [1]JAUNA MUZIKA 2012

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