I was born in Vöcklabruck (Austria), grew up in a musical family in Schwanenstadt (Upper Austria), lived some time in Graz, in the lovely Vilnius, Lithuania and now residing in Regensburg, Germany.

In Vilnius I was studying composition within the ERASMUS program at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre (LMTA).[1] Later I was teaching sound programming for composition students at the Music Innovation Studies Centre[2] of the LMTA.

I was studying Electrical Engineering – Audio Engineering at the Graz University of Technology[3] and the University of Music and Dramatic Arts Graz[4], Austria, mainly working with staff from the Institute of Electronic Music and Acoustics[5].

I play electric bass and (bass-)clarinet since childhood but more often I’m using the computer as an instrument with various control devices and self written software. I’m interested in contemporary (electronic) music, jazz, classical, electro, minimal, ambient, rock, pop,…

When I record music or do live sound engineering I like to produce the most natural sound possible. The sound of the room and reverberation is one of the most important things to achieve that.

I’m familiar with different standard and non standard surround technologies. My main interest lies in Ambisonics[6] which is the most versatile and easy to use in my opinion.

When playing with the computer or doing “Klangregie” it’s very important to not just sit in front of the computer.
The gesture of the performance and the connection between the sound is one of the most important things for me.

My main graphical programming tool is Pure Data[7], but I’m used to extend it with my own externals coded in C or C++. I like to work platform independent but mainly dealing with Linux and MacOS.

My favourite audio software depends on the needs of the project but include Reaper, Audition, Samplitude, Pro Tools and Ableton Live.
I also like versatile Open-Source Software like Ardour, Audacity and of course various command line tools.

If I can not find a free audio plug-in for a certain application i’m coding it by myself.



-> see my projects for descriptions.

– audio and lightening rentals

– holding workshops about playing ebass, recording music, programming pure data, …

– misc. recordings from small ensembles to big orchestras with choir.

– laboratories at AKG Acoustics[8], Vienna

– MED-EL medical electronics [9] – focus on cochlea implants, Innsbruck

– bands: 3mal3, ICE (IEM computermusic ensemble), spielmaschine, pi, td and the jammers, misc. small jazz ensembles

– musical producions: Elisabeth, Queen, The Lion King, Junglebook (live sound and recording)

– webmaster and recording of Stadtkapelle Schwanenstadt[10] and Kirchenchor Schwanenstadt[11]

– concert tournee through China (as musician and audio engineer)

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