ahead festival – observatory concert

observatory domeAs part of the ahead festival, the first public concerts will be held in the loudspeaker sphere of the VU observatory. Due to the limited space there will be three performances and registration for each date/time will be limited.
Entrance is free.

Thursday, November 21st – 19:00
Friday, November 22nd – 17:00, 19:00 and 21:00
additional date: Tuesday, December 3rd – 17:00 and 19:00

entrance free but please register: http://doodle.com/wsgbze2chat8gfcg

observatory outsidelocation:
Astronomical Observatory of the Vilnius University
M.K.Čiurlionio g. 29 (the last building in direction of Vingio parkas)
Map: http://goo.gl/maps/4wKD1

concert program:

Helene Hedsund (SE) – Miškas (2012)
ahead logoLukrecija Petkute (LT) – Dvi burnos (2013)
Aistė Vaitkevičiūtė (LT) – Spheral Motions (2013)
Jurgis Jarašius (LT) – Martlet (2013)
Julius Aglinskas (LT) – Within (2013)
Matthias Kronlachner (AT) – Table top (2013)
Domas Ruškys (LT) – In my circle (2013)
Ignas Juzokas (LT) – Gabalai (2013)
Gerriet K. Sharma (DE) – I_LAND (excerpt) (2007-2009)

Download the concert flyer as .pdf

This concert would not be possible without the substantial support of some people:

Vladas Vansevičius from the Astronomical Observatory of Vilnius University for providing the facilities!
Jurgis Jarašius for his help in setting up the loudspeaker system and cleaning up the observatory!
The Music Innovation Studies Centre of LMTA – Tadas Dailyda, Ričardas Kabelis and Mantautas Krukauskas.
Ignas Juzokas for lending various equipment!
The Institute of Electronic Music and Acoustic for their AllRad Ambisonics decoders.

Jurgis Jarasius (LT) – Martlet (2013)

Jurgis Jarašius grew up in Vilnius, where he graduated from Karoliniškių Music School. Jurgis is currently studying music composition (digital technologies) in Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theater (Ričardas Kabelis class). His pieces were performed in festivals such as International Contemporary Music Festival „Druskomanija 2013“, „Eikkk – Competition of Electronic and Computer Music“ in 2013. Jurgis also participates in an audiovisual project „Music for Fountains“ and other activities coordinated by Music Innovation Studies Centre.

Domas Ruškys (LT) – In my circle (2013)

Domas Ruškys studies Composition (digital technologies) at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre. He made music for short films, performances, commercials, participated in Druskomanija 2013 festival.

Helene Hedsund (SE) – Miškas (2012)
8.00, eight channels

Miškas means forest in Lithuanian. The piece was created during a residency in Druskininkai, Lithuania. The sound material consists of field recordings from the forests in Druskininkai. The sounds have been processed in SuperCollider using filters with varying band widths and according to different scales, among others a scale based on the golden mean – like the one John Chowning used in Stria.

Gerriet K. Sharma (DE) – I_LAND (2007-2009)


Ambisonic spatial sound composition

There are wishes and desires that are too strong for the constraints of our earthly lives,
that we could surely search for a state of being, in which they become winged,
carried by an element to islands, where they can rest.

For the composition of I_LAND, I delved into the phenomenon island for two years.

Literatūra ir menas - cover 01/2014I recorded and documented the raw material for the composition during my residency at kunst:raum Syltquelle on the island of Sylt in April of 2008. But what is presented in the end is not a collage of original sounds nor is it a soundscape catalogue. The descriptions and the (historical, literary, mythological, geographical, etc) interpretations and constellations of the respective recording locations played a large role in the content and form of the sculptural sound composition.

Concert review in Literatūra ir menas (in Lithuanian Language)