table top – binaural recording

playing table top in the observatorytable top is a live performance by Matthias Kronlachner created for the loudspeaker sphere in the Astronomical Observatory tower of Vilnius University.
The performance was recorded on November 22nd, 2013 and December 3rd, 2013.

The original format of the piece is 5th order 3D Ambisonics, but you can listen to a binaural mixdown here: (please listen with high quality headphones!)

table-top-4 (November 22nd, 2013)

table-top-6 (December 3rd, 2013)

observatory concertThe binaural mixdown was done with the ambix Ambisonics Plug-Ins and the 24 binaural loudspeaker impulse responses are taken from the IEM Cube. Therefore you are virtually placed in the IEM Cube during listening to this piece with headphones.

In case the above player does not work you can download the piece here:
.flac version (highly recommended)
.mp3 version

.flac version (highly recommended)
.mp3 version

Literatūra ir menas - cover 01/2014For the very brave ones I also have the Ambisonics B-Format file in ambix convention (5th order 3D, ACN channel order, SN3D normalization):

Concert review in Literatūra ir menas (in Lithuanian Language)