jconvolver 0.9.2 and zita-rev-0.2.1 for Mac OS X

As addition to the Ambisonics Decoder, Microphone Processor and LADSPA Plug-Ins I compiled and packed the convolution software jconvolver 0.9.2 as easy-to-use installer for Mac OS X >=10.6.

This Jack client is a very flexible real-time convolution engine, including configurations for applying Multichannel Ambisonics reverb.


You can find some additional Ambisonic reverb impulse responses here:

(C) Fons AdriaensenThe Jack Reverb Plug-In with Ambisonics mode zita-rev-1-0.2.1 is available here:


All developements by Fons Adriaensen:

Get more information about Ambisonics and Ardour in an article by Jörn Nettingsmeier.



jconvolver HOW-TO:

* Start Jack with JackPilot or QJackCtl
* Check this folder for example configurations: /Library/jconvolver/config-files
* Download Impulse Responses from URLs provided in config files and adjust path setting in config files
* Start jconvolver, fconvolver or makemulti from Terminal session with appropriate arguments (eg. jconvolver /Library/jconvoler/config-files/weird.conf )
* Make connections with Jack


Configuration examples will be installed in /Library/jconvolver/config-files.
The required binary files and libraries will be installed in /usr/local/bin, /usr/local/lib and /usr/local/lib64.


I did a small modification to libzita-convolver Library to NOT make it stop processing if a CPU overload is detected (too much cycles passed).
This is rather rude. There should be a possibility to make realtime work better in OSX.
Many “Computation threads are late” messages may appear. Sometimes clicks may be audible.
This should of course be fixed sometime!

Compiled and packed for Mac OS X by Matthias Kronlachner in Nov-2012.

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