ambdec-0.5.1, tetraproc-0.8.2, AMB-plugins-0.8.1 for Mac OS X

(C) Fons AdriaensenI compiled the latest versions of Fons Adriaensens’ Ambisonics Decoder ambdec-0.5.1 (PDF manual) and his Microphone-Processor to convert TetraMic recordings to B-Format tetraproc-0.8.2 (PDF paper) for Mac OS X.

I packed them in easy-to-use installer packages which should run under Mac OS X >=10.6 (Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion):

Note about ambdec: The manual is outdated! The configuration window is gone. Use a Texteditor to edit .ambdec files!

ambdec-0.5.1-installer.pkg(C) Fons Adriaensen

Make sure you have JackOSX ( and X11 ( installed.

Troubleshooting: Sometimes the installer does not set the file permissions for graphic files correct, try to check if the folder /usr/local/share/ambdec is read/writeable for the user. You can start ambdec from Terminal and check for error messages (just type ambdec in Terminal and hit Return).

Additionally I compiled and packed the LADSPA Ambisonics Plug-In Set (AMB-plugins-0.8.1) for 32/64 bit on Mac running in Ardour under Mac OS XOS X >= 10.6 to use within Ardour.

Homepage of the Software Author Fons Adriaensen and his (mostly Linux) tools:

4 thoughts on “ambdec-0.5.1, tetraproc-0.8.2, AMB-plugins-0.8.1 for Mac OS X

  1. Hi Matthias! Thank you so much for your awesome plugins!!! OS X 10.11.6, works like a charm

  2. Thank you very much for creating an exe of the ambdec, i have been struggling allday to get ambdec working, one file would not compile. Thanks to Daniel Courville on sursound for pointing me towards you!

    Thanks again

  3. Thank you very much fot your work.
    I own a tetramic and i ‘m really enthusiastic by ambproc .
    but i have some difficulty to install it on my mcbpro 10.7 .
    It return this msg when i try to launch your app .
    Dyld Error Message:
    Library not loaded: /opt/X11/*/libpng15.15.dylib
    Referenced from: /usr/local/bin/ambdec
    Reason: image not found
    Sorry if i appear as a noob , but … i’m a sound man , not an informatic one … So .
    Anyway , thank you again .

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