3mal3 – network concert

(C)2012 Laura Lapienyteelectronic music and network bridge concert

3mal3 – in the net
Wednesday, 23rd of May, 2012

live from Restoranas Jalta[1]Vilnius22:00
Matthias Kronlachner – electronics, sample piano, clarinet
Can Kazaz – electronics, recorder, toys

live from Postgarage[2] Graz21:00
David Pirrò – electronics, keyboards
Peter Venus – electronics, french horn
Marian Weger – electronics, zither

Almost two trios in two locations playing one concert.
Acoustic instruments and sounding objects – electronic feedback and estrangement – algorithmic processes. These ingredients will dominate the concert evening held in two locations 1300 km from each other.
The net – the internet – is used as acoustical and visual bridge allowing the performers and the audience to travel in milliseconds between the two cities – Graz and Vilnius.

(C)2012 Matthias Kronlachner

Begin: 22:00
Restoranas Jalta
Vykinto g. 17A

Begin: 21:00
Postgarage 2nd Floor
Dreihackengasse 42

With friendly support of the

  • LMTA, Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre, Vilnius
  • IEM, Institute of Electronic Music and Acoustics Graz

(C)2012 Laura Lapienyte  (C)2012 Laura Lapienyte  (C)2012 Marian Weger  (C)2012 Marian Weger

recording of the concert – binaural stereo version:
recording of the concert – 4ch quadrophone version:

  1. [1]Restoranas Jalta
  2. [2]Mittwochs-Exakt @ Postgarage Graz

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