Goethestraßler Hausmusik and Hermann Filsegger

I was invited to record some time documents of Upper Austrian folk music – a CD for the Goethestraßler Hausmusik and the folk poet Hermann Filsegger both from Attnang-Puchheim.
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Gustl Zemsauer – flute, recorder
Traudi Platzer – violin
Ursula Haab – dulcimer
Christine Büscher – harp
Eva Kurz – guitar, alto flute
Ernst Köttl – Bass
Fritz Kurz – diatonic harmonica, dulcimer

Fritz Kurz – composition, arrangement
Hermann Filsegger – poem writer and speaker
Helmut Gutleder – producer
Matthias Kronlachner – recording, mix, mastering

recorded April 2012 @ Landesmusikschule Attnang-Puchheim

listening examples

Goethestrassler Hausmusik – Am Kirtag

Hermann Filsegger – Bratl in der Rein

Goethestrassler Hausmusik – Gabenbereitung

Hermann Filsegger – dFastenkur

Goethestrassler Hausmusik – Didl dadl habts eng zsam


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