GEM pix_video plugin: videoKINECT

I decided to cancel development on the Kinect plugin for pix_video – please use pix_freenect if you need video streams from Kinect or pix_openni if you need some advanced tracking features as well

download source

videoKINECT (very alpha version…)
plugin for Gem pix_video

* depends on libfreenect

2011 by Matthias Kronlachner

just testet under Ubuntu but should also work in OSX

get and install libfreenect from

get latest version of Gem from SVN

copy folder videoKINECT into Gem/src/plugins/

#…/Gem/src/plugins/videoKINECT> make

#…/Gem/src/plugins/videoKINECT> sudo make install

this creates the dylib in the Gem installfolder-> watch out for the right folder….

have a look at the videoKINECT-help.pd file!


* possibility to open more than one pix_video with videoKINECT to output rgb and depth image
-> maybe some code has to be rewritten!

* possibility to connect to more than one Kinect

* acceleration sensor output not working

* check other image formats of libfreenect


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