pd-external: espeak

(C)2011 Matthias Kronlachnerget it from the git repository:

espeak (0.2)
pure data external to synthesize text to an array with espeak library

based on flite external by Bryan Jurish

* depends on espeak

(C) 2011 by Matthias Kronlachner

thanks to
IOhannes Zmoelnig
Bryan Jurish


just testet under Ubuntu but should also work in OSX

* get/install pd (http://puredata.info)

* get and install espeak

or sudo apt-get install espeak libespeak-dev

* edit Makefile for right path to pd sources

* #…/espeak> make

* have a look at the espeak-help.pd file!


* access all properties of the library
* output current properties at outlet

questions: m.kronlachner@gmail.com

One thought on “pd-external: espeak

  1. Hi Matthias,

    I’ve tried to compile the espeak external on a Mac OSX (lion) systeem,
    and it gave some errors.
    First it couldn’t find espeak/speak_lib.h , which I solved by copying the right file to the patch.
    Then as expected a nice .pd-darwin file emerged.
    But when running the patch in PD I get the error:
    espeak.pd_darwin: mach-o, but wrong architecture
    espeak array1
    … couldn’t create

    I used the same source files version of PD as the .dmg file indicated 0.43-0,
    but I did not compiled PD myself (tried but failed several times)

    Do you maybe have an idea on how I can succesfully compile and run your patch on Mac OSX
    or maybe have a precompiled version of de eSpeak external that runs on Mac OSX 10.7?

    Thanks in advance,

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