DarwiinRemoteOSC Mountain Lion

darwiinremote-oscI fixed the program DarwiinRemote for Mac OS 10.8 (Mountain Lion) and added Open Sound Control (OSC) support for the most recent version. Download it here:


DarwiinRemoteOSC allows to connect via Bluetooth to the WiiRemote controller. It also supports Nunchuk, Classic Controller and Balance Board.
All data from the Wii Controller is forwarded via OSC. IP and Port can be changed by command line argument. OSC can be sent to DarwiinRemoteOSC to turn on Force Feedback, LEDs and retrieve Battery status.

Sourcecode available on Github.

darwiin remote with osc extension for osx (Mountain Lion)

based on DarwiinRemote 0.7 (http://sourceforge.net/projects/darwiin-remote/) and modified WiiRemoteFramework
osc functionality based on https://code.google.com/p/darwiinosc/ by andreas schlegel

adapted by Matthias Kronlachner


You can change Sender IP:PORT and Receiver Port by commandline arguments:

open terminal and go to folder DarwiinRemote.app/Contents/MacOS
./DarwiinRemote -ip -port -rcv_port

to set for example send ip to, sender port to 5610 and receiver port to 5611
./DarwiinRemote -ip -port 5610 -rcv_port 5611

this is very useful if you connect multiple wii controllers!
-> start multiple instances with different port settings…

MotionPlus support -> WiiRemoteFramework