Reaper libsndfile wrapper – allows to READ and WRITE more audio formats (eg. .paf, .mat, …)

reaper_libsndfilewrapperreaper_libsndfilewrapper adds import and export capabilites (reading/writing soundfiles) to the Digital Audio Workstation Reaper ( such as RF64 (eg. used by RME Digicheck, mh acoustics Eigenstudio®), .paf, .sf, .raw, …

Complete list of additionally supported file extensions: .au, .avr, .caf, .htk, .iff, .mat, .mpc, .oga, .paf, .pvf, .raw, .rf64, .sd2, .sds, .sf, .voc, .w64, .wve, .xi

Reaper Render using libsndfileBinaries download (easy to use installers)
downloadWindows 32 bit: reaper_libsndfilewrapper_win32
Windows 64 bit: reaper_libsndfilewrapper_win64
MacOSX (32/64 bit): reaper_libsndfilewrapper_osx

Install the plugin and drag/drop former not-recognized audio files into the Reaper session.
In the Render dialog choose Output format: libsndfile and the wanted format. Be aware that not all formats support arbitrary channel counts!

Source code:

This software is licensed under the GNU LESSER GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE (LGPL) license.
It uses libsndfile by Erik de Castro Lopo which is licensed under LGPL

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