Jack meterbridge 0.9.2 OSX package

jack-meterbridgeJACK Meterbridge by Steve Harris is a versatile multichannel Jack metering client. Many different styles of meters with arbitrary channel count may be displayed.

I built and made an installer for MacOSX ≥ 10.6.
Download here: meterbridge-0.9.2-installer.pkg

Check the Github repository to see the changes to the original code: https://github.com/kronihias/meterbridge-0.9.2oszi

Needs Jack from http://www.jackosx.com

Needs libsdl and libsdl_image from MacPorts!!

Install from Terminal:
sudo port install libsdl libsdl_image

After installation eg. 12 channel meter in 2 rows:
Start from Terminal:

meterbridge -n my_meters -c 6 -t dpm 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 x x

64 Digital peak meters. 32 in one row

meterbridge -t dpm -m 64 -c 32