mcfx v0.5.11 – multichannel audio plug-in suite

mcfx_meter32mcfx is a suite of multichannel VST plug-ins for MacOS, Windows and Linux
(mcfx_convolver, mcfx_delay, mcfx_filter, mcfx_gain_delay, mcfx_meter)

these plug-ins are very handy if you want to process multiple channels in one go for example
* multiple loudspeaker setups, Ambisonics (see ambiX)
* Microphone array post productions (eg. Eigenmike®)

currently high channel counts per track are only possible with the DAWs Reaper (Win, OSX) and Ardour (Linux, OSX)

– channel count is configurable with compile time flag
– cross plattform VST for MacOSX, Windows and Linux
– uses the JUCE framework (
– ready to use binaries for MacOSX (≥ 10.7, 32/64 bit) and Windows (32/64 bit)mcfx_gain_delay_screenshot

Source code:

VST Binaries: (2, 4, 8, 16, 24, 32, 36, 50, 64 channel version)

Win32:  mcfx_v0.5.11_win32.exe
Win64: mcfx_v0.5.11_win64.exe

Additionally you can download some example first order B-format reverb presets for mcfx_convolver:
Here is a help file explaining the .conf files.
Note that you have to use ambix_converter after the convolver and choose the preset .amb -> ambix in case you want to use those impulse responses in combination with ambix_decoder or ambix_binaural.


ambiX v0.2.10 – Ambisonic plug-in suite

I am happy to finally release my cross-platform Ambisonic processors useable as VST/LV2 plug-ins or standalone application under Windows, Mac OSX and Linux. They can be used in flexible hosts like Reaper, Ardour, MaxMSP, Bidule or as standalone applications with Jack.

The plug-ins can be used to produce 3D Ambisonic content or do post production on recordings. (eg. Soundfield or Eigenmike® microphone recordings)
The Ambisonic order is variable and can be choosen at compile time. A practical limitation for Reaper is 7th order due to the 64 channel limit. The processors use the ambiX convention (full 3D, ACN channel ordering, SN3D normalization)

ambiX screenshot ReaperA short video clip showing the plug-ins in action:

You may want to use these plug-ins in combination with the mcfx multichannel effect plug-in suite:

Source code repository:


Windows 32bit VST:
1st order: ambix_v0.2.10_win32_o1.exe
3rd order: ambix_v0.2.10_win32_o3.exe
5th order: ambix_v0.2.10_win32_o5.exe
7th order: ambix_v0.2.10_win32_o7.exe

ambix software presentation at the ICSA Erlangen

Windows 64bit VST:

1st order: ambix_v0.2.10_win64_o1.exe
3rd order: ambix_v0.2.10_win64_o3.exe
5th order: ambix_v0.2.10_win64_o5.exe
7th order: ambix_v0.2.10_win64_o7.exe

Mac OS X (>= 10.7) VST Universal Binaries:
1st order:
3rd order:
5th order:
7th order:

downloadYou will also need the binaural decoder presets if you want to listen with headphones:
(download includes decoder matrices + binaural loudspeaker impulse responses)

Install the decoder presets to:
Windows 7/8: C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\ambix\binaural_presets\
MacOS: ~/Library/ambix/binaural_presets/
Linux: ~/ambix/binaural_presets/

Currently there is no preset generator included, you have to generate your decoding matrix with other tools. For example with the Ambisonic Decoder Toolbox by Aaron Heller using Matlab/Octave: [Source repo] [LAC Article].

Read this article from the AES Design competition for some informations regarding the plug-ins!

A slightly outdated paper about the plug-ins can be found here:

Ambisonic transformations are described here ICSA2014_KronlachnerZotter_AmbisonicTransformations.pdf

This software was developed during the work on my master thesis at the Institute of Electronic Music and Acoustic Graz. [ IEM ]

Reaper libsndfile wrapper – allows to READ and WRITE more audio formats (eg. .paf, .mat, …)

reaper_libsndfilewrapperreaper_libsndfilewrapper adds import and export capabilites (reading/writing soundfiles) to the Digital Audio Workstation Reaper ( such as RF64 (eg. used by RME Digicheck, mh acoustics Eigenstudio®), .paf, .sf, .raw, …

Complete list of additionally supported file extensions: .au, .avr, .caf, .htk, .iff, .mat, .mpc, .oga, .paf, .pvf, .raw, .rf64, .sd2, .sds, .sf, .voc, .w64, .wve, .xi

Reaper Render using libsndfileBinaries download (easy to use installers)
downloadWindows 32 bit: reaper_libsndfilewrapper_win32
Windows 64 bit: reaper_libsndfilewrapper_win64
MacOSX (32/64 bit): reaper_libsndfilewrapper_osx

Install the plugin and drag/drop former not-recognized audio files into the Reaper session.
In the Render dialog choose Output format: libsndfile and the wanted format. Be aware that not all formats support arbitrary channel counts!

Source code:

This software is licensed under the GNU LESSER GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE (LGPL) license.
It uses libsndfile by Erik de Castro Lopo which is licensed under LGPL