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übersetzen – vertimas

piece for dancer and sound

Greta Grineviciute – dance
Aira Nagineviciute – choreography
Matthias Kronlachner – technology, sound


ICE network concert Vilnius - Graz

Network performance of IEM Computermusic Ensemble held at LMTA Vilnius and IEM Graz 2012-03-20

Jazz und Literatur

andreas kurz - text andreas haidecker - guitar david six - keys manuel podhostnik - drums matthias kronlachner - bass, bassclarinet

4 room concert

4 room concert @ graz 4 musicians - 4 rooms no visual contact - it's what you hear... an experiment as musician and technician. in some tunes the computer takes the part of the conductor random processes advice the musicians. pd, osc, wlan, a digital mixing desk, headphones and lots of cables made it possible to give the people different spots to listen to the music. want to watch and listen to bass? drums? guitar? keys? all separate? all together?

musical productions

queen, lion king, djungle book