timesnewroman – islant

(C) timesnewromantimesnewroman – islant

wolfgang bechtold (synth, visuals) / tobias franz (bass) / ferdinand fritz (drums) / wolfgang hagspiel (voc, glockenspiel, accordion) / martin mackowitz (voc, guitar) / thomas niederberger (voc, guitar) / elias walch (cornet)

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recorded 4/2011 @ Scheune Lehen Vorarlberg

recording, mixing, mastering by
Matthias Kronlachner & Marian Weger

(C) timesnewroman(C) timesnewroman(C) timesnewroman(C) timesnewroman(C) timesnewroman(C) timesnewroman

peter, lois and lukes – what really happens in a molehill

cd coverpeter, lois and lukes – what really happens in a molehill

excerpt from “london pie” by Lukas Kletzander
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Recording What really happens in a Molehillrecorded 11/2010 @ Tonstudio Mozarteum Salzburg

Lukas Kletzander – piano
Alois Eberl – trombone
Lukas Kranzelbinder – bass
Peter Traunmüller – drums
feat. Tim Collins – vibes

recording by Matthias Kronlachner & Johannes Itzinger
mix and mastering by Matthias Kronlachner

4 room concert @ Rondo Graz

Marian Weger, David Pirró, Matthias Kronlachner, Peter VenusWednesday, November 30th 2011 there will be a music performance with David Pirrò, Marian Weger, Peter Venus and Matthias Kronlachner at the birthday party of the Rondo Ateliers.
For this event we gonna perform in four separated rooms – the listener can choose between listening to one musician solo or enjoy the concert in a separate area where everybody can be heard, but nobody seen.

Trailer of the concert:

(binaural recording – listen with headphones)

4 channel recording:

(listen to this if you have 4 speakers connected to your computer)

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