QJackCtl Mac OSX ≥ 10.6 build

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QjackCtl built version of QJackCtl for Mac OS X ≥ 10.6.

downloadGet the .app file here:  QJackCtl-

Or an older Version: QJackCtl-0.3.10.zip

QjackCtl is a very powerful tool for managing your audio connections within Jack.

Sourcecode: https://github.com/rncbc/qjackctl

Requires: Jack OS X / www.jackaudio.org

qjackctl_0.3.10Here is a nice article describing the usage of QjackCtl’s Patchbay. And this is a nice summary of possibilities to save and restore Jack connections.

IMPORTANT: set the Server Prefix to


Configuration for internal Macbook Pro Soundcard:

qjackctl configuration window

qjackctl config