pd-external: id3

get it from git repository:

id3 (0.1 very alpha version…)
pure data external to read and write ID3 tags from/to mp3 files

* depends on id3lib

(C) 2011 by Matthias Kronlachner

tested under Ubuntu 10.10 Linux and Mac OS X 10.6.8

OSX: ready to use binaries in build folder

* get/install pd (http://puredata.info)

* get and install id3lib

or sudo apt-get install libid3-dev

* edit Makefile for right path to pd sources

* #…/id3> make

* have a look at the id3-help.pd file!


* currently just title,artist,album,comment are supportet to write.
but you can read all included tags of an mp3 file as raw data

* problems with unicode tags??

questions: m.kronlachner@gmail.com

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