pd-external: pix_freenect 0.10

(C)2011 Matthias Kronlachner

Version 0.10 of pix_freenect external for Pure Data/Gem now available.
Sourcecode and binary for OSX and Ubuntu 11.10 available at github: https://github.com/kronihias/pix_freenect

Look at this page if you don’t know how to install a Pd-External.

The pix_freenect external can output rgb and depth simultaneously from multiple Kinect sensors.


  • open specific Kinect sensor by serial number – useful for multiple Kinect installations
  • output registered depthmap -> rgb and depth image are aligned
  • output depthmap directly as 16 bit [mm] values
  • resolution of rgb image can be set to 1280×1024

To get audio streams you can use http://github.com/kronihias/freenect_audio.

..:: README ::..

pix_freenect (0.10)
Pure Data / Gem external to get Kinect camera streams

* depends on libfreenect (v0.1 !!)

Output RGB and Depth stream simultaneously from multiple Kinect sensors
Tested with 2 Kinects, should work with more (on different usb controllers)

(C) 2011/2012 by Matthias Kronlachner

tested and compiled for Ubuntu 11.10, MacOS 10.6.8 and Windows 7 with Gem 0.93.3

use binaries from build folder or build yourself
OSX: make sure that .dylib’s provided in build folder are in the same folder than pix_freenect.pd_darwin!

* get/install pd and Gem (0.93.2) including src (http://puredata.info)

* get and install latest libfreenect from https://github.com/OpenKinect/libfreenect
(compile with Audio support!)

help with compiling:
#…> git clone https://github.com/OpenKinect/libfreenect.git
#…> cd libfreenect
#…/libfreenect> mkdir build
#…/libfreenect> cd build
#…/libfreenect/build> ccmake ../
–> choose BUILD_AUDIO ON
–> choose BUILD_EXAMPLES OFF (ON only if you have GLUT)
press [c] (configure), [g] generate, [q] exit

#…/libfreenect/build> cmake ../
#…/libfreenect/build> make
#…/libfreenect/build> sudo make install

* rename Makefile in pix_freenect folder for your platform to Makefile and edit it for right path to Gem and pd sources

* #…/pix_freenect> make

* have a look at the pix_freenect-help.pd file!


0.10 * various bugfixes
* no more init trick has to be made. streams should start and restart reliable!
* audio support moved to separate external freenect_audio

0.04 * open specific kinect by serial number -> external lists all available kinect sensors with serial number on startup
-> now you can be sure you use the right kinect if two or more plugged to the computer
* output registered depth map –> rgb and depth are matching (depthmap gets a little bit smaller)
-> includes the output of depthmap in [mm] distance as 16 bit value packed into r and g color channel
* option to change resolution of rgb image to 1280×1024 -> slows down transfer!
* various improvements to help file

0.03 * output rgb and depth stream simultaneously
* output 4 channel audio as list on linux (experimental)
* libfreenect v0.1 -> not backward compatible!!
* binary for osx -> thanks to hans-christoph steiner for makefiles
* accelerator output
* different depth output modes (raw for distance measurement)

0.02 * compatibility to Gem 0.93



questions: m.kronlachner@gmail.com

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