table top – binaural recording

playing table top in the observatorytable top is a live performance by Matthias Kronlachner created for the loudspeaker sphere in the Astronomical Observatory tower of Vilnius University.
The performance was recorded on November 22nd, 2013 and December 3rd, 2013.

The original format of the piece is 5th order 3D Ambisonics, but you can listen to a binaural mixdown here: (please listen with high quality headphones!)

table-top-4 (November 22nd, 2013)

table-top-6 (December 3rd, 2013)

observatory concertThe binaural mixdown was done with the ambix Ambisonics Plug-Ins and the 24 binaural loudspeaker impulse responses are taken from the IEM Cube. Therefore you are virtually placed in the IEM Cube during listening to this piece with headphones.

Chalva (4 channel tape)

honey farm on the lycian way - TurkeyIs it natural, is it artificial? What is “real”, what is synthetic?
This questions apply for sound as well as sweets.

This piece is based on field recordings taken near Fethiye, in the south of Turkey. From the numerous bee yards a whirling sound surrounds you when tracking the Lycian way along the cost.
Chalva is a sweet made with honey. But depending on the recipe, the natural origin might not be clear.Eikkk - Elektroninių ir kompiuterinių kūrinių konkursas

The composition plays with a transition from natural to super synthetic. From pure noise to white tones.

Listen to my tape piece „Chalva“ done for the Eikkk Electronic and Computer Music Competition (Elektroninių ir kompiuterinių kūrinių konkursas) in April 2013 in Vilnius. Quadrophonic piece rendered to Binaural Stereo.

Triskaideka – for piano and live electronics

part2-excerpt13 studies for piano and live electronic
in equally tempered Bohlen-Pierce tuning

The piece „Triskaideka“ for piano tuned in the equal temperament Bohlen-Pierce scale and live electronics was developed during my Erasmus semester at Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre, Vilnius.


Watch the score!


Piano Forte Brass – The Dancing Gams

Album Artwork by Konrad LangSoon available:

PIANOFORTEBRASS – Chamberjazzquartett [ homepage ]

Anna Lang – Cello, Klavier, Oboe
Mario Rom – Trompete, Flügelhorn
Alois Eberl – Posaune, Akkordeon
Gernot Haslauer – Bass, Euphonium

Recorded in December 2011 at Dorothea Porsche Hall – Odeïon Salzburg.

Recording, Mix and Mastering by Matthias KronlachnerArtwork by Konrad Lang

3mal3 – live recording from vilnius

(C)2012 Laura Lapienyteelectronic music concert

Restoranas Jalta[1] – Vilnius

Matthias Kronlachner – electronics, sample piano, clarinet
Can Kazaz – electronics, recorder, toys

recording of the concert – binaural stereo version (listen with headphones)

recording of the concert – 4ch quadrophone version (listen with 4 channel speaker setup)


  1. [1]Restoranas Jalta

Goethestraßler Hausmusik and Hermann Filsegger

I was invited to record some time documents of Upper Austrian folk music – a CD for the Goethestraßler Hausmusik and the folk poet Hermann Filsegger both from Attnang-Puchheim.
[ homepage ]

Gustl Zemsauer – flute, recorder
Traudi Platzer – violin
Ursula Haab – dulcimer
Christine Büscher – harp
Eva Kurz – guitar, alto flute
Ernst Köttl – Bass
Fritz Kurz – diatonic harmonica, dulcimer

Fritz Kurz – composition, arrangement
Hermann Filsegger – poem writer and speaker
Helmut Gutleder – producer
Matthias Kronlachner – recording, mix, mastering

recorded April 2012 @ Landesmusikschule Attnang-Puchheim

listening examples


documentation :: übersetzen – vertimas

Have a look at the trailer of the piece for dancer, sound and projection übersetzen – vertimas:

Sound optimized for headphone playback

technical details

4 room concert @ Rondo Graz

Marian Weger, David Pirró, Matthias Kronlachner, Peter VenusWednesday, November 30th 2011 there will be a music performance with David Pirrò, Marian Weger, Peter Venus and Matthias Kronlachner at the birthday party of the Rondo Ateliers.
For this event we gonna perform in four separated rooms – the listener can choose between listening to one musician solo or enjoy the concert in a separate area where everybody can be heard, but nobody seen.

Trailer of the concert:

(binaural recording – listen with headphones)

4 channel recording:

(listen to this if you have 4 speakers connected to your computer)

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